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DoodletownUSA is currently breeding and our prices are...


Petite Mini 15-25 lbs ($3000)
Mini 26-45 lbs ($3000)
Standard 50-70 lbs ($2500)   



Mini 25-45 lbs ($3000)
Standard 45-70 lbs ($25

Golden Mountain Doodles: 

Mini 25-45 lbs ($3000)

Standard 45-75 lbs ($2500) 

Adult weights are only an estimate, and cannot be guaranteed. These estimates are based on the breeding pairs adult weights.

Our puppies are priced based on size only. We charge more for minis due to the higher risk of medical interventions during birth and the time of whelping. Minis are much more fragile in the beginning stages so we like to factor in those costs to the price of the puppy. We do not price based on color, generation, or gender. We do charge an additional $500 for breeding rights. 

Generation Breakdown:
F1: One parent is a Golden Retriever or Bernese Mountain Dog and the other is a Poodle

F1b (b stands for bred back): One parent is an F1 doodle and the other is a poodle

F1bb: One parent is an F1b and the other is a poodle

Multigenerational: Parents are a combination of various generations


Parent 1: F1b Parent 2: F1

Parent 1 & 2: F1b

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