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Petite Mini 15-25 lbs
Mini 26-45 lbs
Standard 50-70 lbs     



Mini 25-45 lbs
Standard 45-70 lbs

Golden Mountain Doodles: 

Mini 25-45 lbs

Standard 45-75 lbs

* Adult weights are only an estimate, and cannot be guaranteed.  These estimates are based on the breeding pairs adult weights.

Generation Breakdown:
F1: One parent is a Golden Retriever or Bernese Mountain Dog and the other is a Poodle

F1b (b stands for bred back): One parent is an F1 doodle and the other is a poodle

F1bb: One parent is an F1b and the other is a poodle

Multigenerational: Parents are a combination of various generations


Parent 1: F1b Parent 2: F1

Parent 1 & 2: F1b

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