DoodletownUSA is now offering Puppy Kindergarten!


Training will begin the day after 'Go Home Day' for your puppy and will be conducted in home by our trainer - Sydney.  We will focus on basic obedience and modifying any annoying or “bad” behaviors that your puppy displays.  Your puppy will be trained alongside other puppies in training and this kind of immersion in pack culture will allow your dog to gain confidence, learn obedience and become a more enjoyable companion.

Our program is completely customized to the needs of each dog that we train.  Your puppy will be placed in situations that challenge them in order to help them grow into the best pet possible.  Training spaces are limited due to the nature of the training and the one-on-one time that each dog will require. 


During your puppy’s stay, training will include:


Basic Commands and Manners (Sit, Come, Stay, etc.)

Socialization (In Home and Public)

Potty Training

Leash Training

Crate Conditioning/Training

Pack Structure Training

Feeding Structure

Bathing and Grooming Conditioning

Settling and Place Commands

Car Rider Training

Opportunities to have FUN!


We will provide you with weekly email updates that will include pictures and videos of your puppy.  At the end of your puppy’s stay we also require a 1 hour visit with you and your family members to go over everything your puppy has learned while staying with us. All skills taught in the training are diminishable and need to be reinforced by the owner continuously after their return home.

4 Weeks is $900 Total  $450 is due on 'Go Home Day' and $450 is due when you pick up your puppy from training.

For more information, please feel free to contact...

Sydney  (704) 989-2669 or

To register for training, please CLICK HERE to complete the online form.