The Mommas


Greta is a brown and white parti poodle. She is clear for all genetic diseases through Optimal Selection DNA/ Health Testing and also passed her OFA hips and elbows.  We were lucky to find Greta at just over a year old.  Greta has had medium Bernedoodles & Goldendoodles for us at DoodletownUSA. Greta is petite standard weighing just 37lbs.

She is a social girl with both dogs and humans.  She enjoys playing with our other pups and is a definite leader in our pack.  Whether running around in the back yard or snuggling on the couch with her humans, Greta has a sweet and spunky nature.  Greta loves men, but doesn't discriminate when giving affection.  She is also a favorite among children because of her affectionate and nurturing temperament.


Ethel is a gorgeous black and white parti poodle and a mom to Bernedoodles here at DoodletownUSA.  She has passed her Embark genetic testing and her OFA hip and elbows.

Ethel is a momma’s girl and is very human focused.  She lives for ear scratches, belly rubs, and snuggles in the big bed with mom.  Ethel is the mother hen of our pack, always “grooming” the other dogs.  Ethel is an extremely athletic girl and can outrun most of the other dogs.  She loves a good game of cat & mouse out back while hiding under the camper. Ethel’s love for people, dogs and just about everything and everyone makes her very well suited to be a great momma.


Betty is a gorgeous AKC registered standard poodle   She not only has a beautiful shiny black coat but has gorgeous phantom markings.  She is clear for all genetic diseases through Embark and also passed her OFA hips and elbows. She weighs around 55 lbs and is a mom to Bernedoodles for us. 

Black Betty is affectionate, loving and playful.  She is inquisitive, smart and a bit mischievous.  She is eager to please, and very human focused.  Betty resides in a guardian home, with her favorite humans Suzy & Erica.  Our guardian homes allow all our breeding dogs to be pets first and we are so thankful for them!  Betty is thriving with her guardian family and loves to play fetch and work on training with her mom, Suzy. 



georgia - 2.jpg

Sweet “Georgia” Brown is an AKC brown standard poodle with the most gorgeous auburn highlights and “ghost” phantom markings.  She was born just 2 days earlier than Betty, in June 2019.  Georgia is the cutest little auburn haired spoo, with a big personality!  She has the spunk of a ginger for sure!

She has made fast friends with the other girls but her BFF is Pepper! She resides with her guardians, Andrew and Sophie, both college students at Wingate.  She is out and about on campus daily, and everyone loves her!


We know that with her sassy personality, stunning looks and amber eyes, Georgia will make a wonderful addition to our program.  Her DNA health test is clear and she passed her hips and elbows through eVet.  


Dolly is an AKC registered black and white standard parti poodle.  She has passed her DNA health testing through Animal Genetics as well as her OFA hips and elbows.  Dolly was born on February 14, 2019 and loves to sit on the couch with her humans.  She came to us from a breeder in Nebraska and will be having Bernedoodles for us with Gus.


Maisy is gorgeous F1 sable bernedoodle and has perfect white blaze. Maisy will be having her genetic health testing and OFA’s when she is of age. Our plans are to breed both bernedoodles and golden mountain doodles with Maisy.  She will reside with Newton family, in Waxhaw, NC, where she will have lots of land to run and play.  Her big sister Autumn, is so excited to have Maisy as the newest addition to their family too!


Daisy Mae


Daisy Mae is our first female goldendoodle that we added to our program. She is a beautiful F1 goldendoodle with a perfect wavy and strawberry blonde coat. She is clear for all genetic diseases through Optimal Selection DNA/ Health Testing and also passed her OFA pre-lim hips and elbows. Daisy weighs in around 45 lbs and is a standard size.

Daisy Mae is sweet natured with a playful side, loving to run in her backyard. She is also super cuddly with her mom and dad. She currently resides with her guardian family, Tyler and Sydney Cobb, as well as her brother Moose and sister Violet. Daisy Mae has had one litter of golden doodles with us and we can’t wait for her future litters.


Future Moms (Pending Health Testing)