When we decided to get a puppy, we scoured the internet for reputable breeders that offered the best hypoallergenic floofs. Shelley was generous with her time and spoke to us at length regarding our ideal vision for a dog. We watched the litter grow up through pictures and video, visited at four weeks when they were just tiny nuggets, and when it was time to choose our boy and take him home, Shelley knew he’d be the perfect fit!  Even though he gave us a crash course in parenting, destroys toys within 30 seconds, and decides to poop right in the middle of a long walk when there’s no trash close by, he’s an amazing dood.

If you are looking for a super intelligent dog who wants nothing but lap cuddles, to share in lady and the tramp style snacking, to play fetch until they physically can’t stand anymore, and love you with every ounce of their being - you’re in luck with DoodletownUSA!  Shelley continues to answer any questions we have and follow along with Murphy’s journey.


Murphy is training to be a therapy dog.  He loves all people, going on adventures, and fetch. He is the sweetest boy with a curious and goofy personality! 

                                                 - Chris and Tiffany J.

"We are over the moon with our newest family member, our baby girl bernedoodle from DoodletownUSA.  Shelley was amazing about communicating puppy updates and posting pictures and videos, to the point that we felt like we got updates almost daily.  You can tell she genuinely cares about all her dogs and was so great about answering all of our questions, providing referral and background information and ensuring we got the perfect puppy for our family.  She set up a private FB page for everybody to communicate moving forward and has been so engaged throughout the entire process.

We know DoodletownUSA is going to be here for us through the long haul if we have questions or need doodle expertise, but I just hope we can love our puppy as much as she has these first 8 weeks!  Thank you for everything and we are thrilled to be a part of the DoodletownUSA family."

                                                            - Sarah C.

"So excited to meet the newest member of our family!!  We are already smitten.  Thank you Shelley for being such an amazing human and breeder.  We are in awe of you." 

                                                   - Randy and Jennifer A.


"Welcome to our lives, our Cookie (litter name Courage)!!  You are our blessing and you came in just the right time.  We can't wait to make great memories with you.  And a big shoutout to Shelley and her family at DoodletownUSA for raising and loving the puppies as their own children making sure they get the best 8-weeks in their lives.  You are indeed a certified badass breeder with a heart!"    - Eunice H.


"You are amazing!  Thanks for the great care you are giving to everyone.  So glad we found you.  I know our puppy will fit in perfectly with our family."   - Angela L.

"We are so happy with Elvis.  Shelley did a magnificent job the first 8 weeks.  Especially the crate training.  We couldn't give her a higher recommendation.  She is the best."                             - Gary and Theresa R.


"Highly recommend DoodletownUSA, our experience was amazing.  Shelley is so passionate about what she does and truly cares so much about each and every puppy she breeds.  She is very responsive and makes it very easy to stay in touch if you have any questions.  She gave us daily updates from when the puppies were born until we were able to pick up our sweet girl.  She helps families determine which puppy will best suite their lifestyle based on temperament, which is perfect.  I am determined her puppies have the best termperament and the beauty is a plus.  Our puppy Remi is such a good girl, easy to train and everywhere we take her we get so many compliments."                                                              - Chezney T.

Our puppy, Lucy, has been an incredible addition to our family. She is so smart, cute, and loving! Also, Shelley and Sydney have been such a great part of the process. Shelley answers all of our questions and is so knowledgeable and encouraging.


Even though we were new dog parents, she gave us confidence by providing all kinds of helpful information. The whole process went smoothly and it was one of the best decisions we have ever made. I highly recommend getting a puppy from Doodletown USA!

                                                                            - Laura W.