Reservation List

To be placed on the reservation list for one of the available litters, a $500.00 non-refundable deposit must be made.  Clients will pick and take home their puppy in the order of the list at 8 weeks old. I work closely with each client determining that their puppy meets their needs based on energy level, temperament, personality, and coat type.


We are currently breeding F1B Medium and Standard Bernedoodles, and Medium F1B Goldendoodles.  

Medium Bernedoodles 50-70 lbs, Standard Bernedoodles 70+ lbs, Medium Goldendoodles 36-50 lbs.

All of our pups are $2500, regardless of gender, coat texture, color or color pattern.  We encourage all of our puppy families to choose their puppy on the temperament and personality traits that will fit their families needs and wants.  

Adult weights are only an estimate, and cannot be guaranteed.  These estimates are based on the breeding pairs adult weights, however all our breeding dogs are close to the same height.  



PLEASE NOTE: The Master List does not necessarily determine the litter list / puppy selections order.

That is determined by the day the deposit is made as well as number of puppies in a litter, which litter you decide on and other variables - such as breeders pick, service dog placement, etc.

Current Wait Time 6-9 Months

Current Wait Time 3-6 Months

1. Mohagney G.

2. Elizabeth S.

3. Patricia C.
4. Liz G.
5. Lauren B.
6. Catherine B.
7. Amanda G.

8. Ruck D.
9. Madison H.
10. Darci G.

1. Christine H.

2. Natalie S.
3. James/Anna P.
4. Austin D.
5. Kasee S.
6. Faith F.

Greta/Gus litter - born Sept 7, 2020
4 Girls and 2 Boys!

Dolly/Gus litter - born Sept 13, 2020
5 Girls and 3 Boys!

Greta Litter Sept 2020 - 4.jpg
Greta Litter Sept 2020 - 2.jpg
Sept2020 - 1.jpg