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DoodletownUSA is now offering Puppy Kindergarten!


Puppy Kindergarten begins the day after 'Go Home Day' for your puppy and will be conducted in home by our trainer - Sydney. Your puppy will be trained alongside other puppies in kindergarten and this kind of immersion in pack culture will allow your dog to gain confidence, learn obedience and become a more enjoyable companion.

Our program is completely customized to the needs of each dog that we train. Your puppy will be placed in situations that challenge them in order to help them grow into the best pet possible. Training spaces are limited due to the nature of the training and the one-on-one time that each dog will require. Sydney will take 3 kindergarteners per litter and the spots are first come first serve.


During your puppy’s stay, training will include:

Introduction of Basic Commands (Sit, Here, Down, etc.)

Beginner Socialization (In Home and Public)

Beginner Potty Training

Beginner Crate Conditioning/Training

Pack Structure Training

Feeding Structure(Alone/Group)

Bathing and Grooming Conditioning

Beginner Settling Conditioning/Training

Beginner Car Rider Training/Conditioning


Opportunities to have FUN!


We will provide you with updates that will include pictures and videos of your puppy. All skills taught in the training are diminishable and need to be reinforced by the owner continuously after their return home. You will be provided with various resources throughout kindergarten including a lifetime membership to Baxter and Bella that will help you reinforce those skills that were learned during their time in kindergarten.

Pricing for Puppy Kindergarten starting January 2023:

$50 /Day for Kindergarten  The price includes kindergarten fee, food, and supplies needed for your puppy during their stay.


*Puppy Kindergarten will not be offered during the months of June-August of 2023 but will begin being offered again in September of 2023.

*Puppy Kindergarten will no longer be offered between Thanksgiving and New Years starting in 2023 in order for DoodletownUSA employees to be able to enjoy the holidays with their families

For more information, please feel free to contact...

Sydney @ (704) 989-2669 or



Putting our dog, Tilly, in Doodletown USA’s Puppy Kindergarten with Sydney is the single best decision we have made as dog owners.  Sydney is an incredibly thoughtful and caring trainer and gave Tilly the rock solid training foundation we needed as a couple getting our first dog together.  Sydney was able to uncover elements of Tilly’s personality we could watch out for as well as her motivations to help us understand our dog from the first moment we brought her home.  The frequent updates, “parent training” and continued support we received throughout the process have eased any concerns and have helped me realize how lucky I am to be part of the DoodletownUSA community. I have already recommended DoodletownUSA to several friends looking for Bernedoodles or Goldendoodles and have assured them that Sydney’s 'Puppy Kindergarten' is well-worth the cost in peace of mind and undamaged furniture!


                    - Diana 


Puppy Kindergarten was definitely the best decision we made. When you dream of bringing home your puppy, you envision the 8 week old puppy that is really cute and small.  It was hard for us to come to terms with the fact that we thought we were “missing” 4 more weeks of his life because of training. However, we are so grateful that Sydney was able to complete basic training with Champ so that when we did bring him home, he already had a sense of what was expected!  We were able to immediately form a relationship with Champ by training him the basics he already knew while also teaching him things we wanted.

When it comes to Sydney, she was amazing!  She sent updates often and we were able to see videos and photos of Champ every week.  Sydney also helped us after we brought him home and has since answered any questions that we may have.  I also appreciated the fact that we did not have to go through a period where our dog already knew us and then we had to send him off for training.  He was able to receive it in the home he knew and I think that made a big difference.  I would commit to puppy training again and again.  I am so thankful to have found DoodletownUSA.  I promise, you will not regret it!

                        - Carly 

Puppy Kindergarten is the BEST!!  I would 100% recommend it to anyone getting a puppy but especially for first time dog owners.  It makes the transition to adding a dog to your family so easy and smooth.  Doodletown does an amazing job teaching your puppy all the basics and passes those tools on to you so you can continue successfully at home.  It’s a must-have in my book!!



Bringing home a puppy can be tough (having done it before) so I invested in Doodle Town USA's Puppy Kindergarten. I was blown away when Lunar came home. She understood sleeping through the night and did so without accidents, associated her crate with naps and safety, politely sat for petting, had learned to go to a 'place' mat, and was great at following hand luring! Not only did Puppy Kindergarten make the process of bringing home a puppy easier, it set our journey up for success. 100% would recommend Doodle Town USA and their Puppy Kindergarten to give your puppy the tools to start off on the right paw.

-Lindsey Dow  


There are moments when I just can’t believe this is our dog! 

She is literally perfect! 

The decision to have Marley attend puppy kindergarten is when I will never ever regret and one I will be forever grateful for.

She goes potty outside! 

She stays in place while our family eats. 

She knows sit, down, off and drop it/leave it.

She loves other dogs and people. 

She doesn’t bark when we go on walks. 

She isn’t afraid of the vacuum! 

I love her! 

She is amazing! 

She makes life so much sweeter. 

She is gentle and kind. 

She is the perfect playmate for our 5 year old daughter! 

I truly believe puppy kindergarten played a huge role in Marley’s temperament and behavior.

We get so many compliments on how well behaved she is. 

If you are considering puppy kindergarten… just do it! 

It is so worth it! 

Thank you Sydney! 


The Nardelli’s 

I cannot rate Sydney's puppy training any higher. Rooster spent a month with her and I cannot praise this experience enough. Being an older owner, I did not want to deal with the initial challenges of training a puppy to go out, sleep in a crate, calm down, and all the other experiences her students' have.

Rooster has been home for 10 days and we have built on the training Sydney started. He understands go potty; we are working on ringing bells to make it even better. He sits and waits to receive his food and last night he walked into his crate to go to bed with no prompting. He has slept through the night since coming home. 

I needed a companion to fill a lonely house and Rooster has done so. He plays tag with my grandkids. walks with me on the lease and we enjoy running around in our backyard.

Thank you Sydney and Doodletown 

-Faye Toney


Pictures from Training Sessions

Lucy and Woody
Lucy, Woody, and Finn
Wrigley, Sirius Frank, Clary Sage, and Neroli
Violet and Abby
Ellie Louise and Archer
Kinders and Coffee
Ellie Louise and Tuffy
Hazel, Ivy, and Nala
Harry and Wally
Box Feeding
Learning to Sit
Willie, Gus, and Winston
Willie, Winston, and Gus
Lunar, Cosmo, and Rudy
Tilly, Mishka, and Beau
Lunar, Cosmo, and Rudy at Lowes
Champ and Rudy
Tilly, Mishka, and Beau
Cosmo and Champ
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