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DoodletownUSA is committed to breeding top quality

doodles through health & temperament testing, intelligence
and coat & color.


Our mission is to raise well-rounded, stable, reliable
puppies.  We do this by teaching them
3 Key Principles

that we feel all puppies deserve to know:

         1. The World Is Safe

       2. People Are Kind

       3. Dogs Are Friendly

We believe that the first 16 weeks of life are critical in the development of a puppy.  They spend the first 8 weeks with us, and we want to match each client with the perfect puppy to make the following 8 weeks, and beyond, a match made in heaven (or Doodletown).


All of our puppies are raised in our home and all of our breeding dogs are family pets. "The Puppy Palace" is outfitted with cameras, an individual whelping area and around-the-clock staff. It is our goal to guide, shape and mold our puppies during critical developmental periods. We are constantly evaluating & adjusting our curriculum to help build confidence, nerve strength and startle recovery.

We expose our puppies to many sights, sounds, textures and people, at age appropriate times, to give them the best start possible.  We also begin work on potty training & crate training (I know you like this one) and bring in volunteers to handle and socialize our puppies, increasing resiliency and socialization. All of our puppies are treated and raised as though they will become one of our own family pets, and we only keep the BEST!  


We have specifically bred puppies to have the right temperament, intelligence and aptitude to be an exceptional pet, and the fact that they are unbelievably adorable is icing on the cake!  We preform careful puppy evaluations to ensure you get the "type" of puppy you need and want. We believe wholeheartedly in the power of a dog and in the innate ability our dogs have to heal hearts and change lives. We hope that you will open your heart and home to one of our extraordinary puppies. 

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