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At DoodletownUSA, we enjoy giving back and providing our community with exceptional pets. We started a program called Willow's Wish in honor of a close family friend of ours who suffered a sudden loss of their family pet Willow. We included a video about her and what prompted this program below for you to learn more about Willow's Wish. Since our first giveaway to Willow's family, we have gifted two more puppies to very deserving families and we will continue to do so as much as we can! We feel blessed to be able to give back and want to be able to give to those who have had loss in their life. We believe a companion can help heal their hearts and bring joy to their lives. Even though a puppy can't solve all of life's problems, it sure can help to have someone to go through it with. If you know of someone who could benefit from the Willow's Wish program please fill out the application below. If you would like to donate to Willow's Wish and help fund the costs of raising puppies for this program, there is a button below you can click that will lead you to a website where you can donate.


Gus and Top (Spooky from Betty's Boo Bash Litter)

Gus and his wife Tricia approached us about getting a puppy for service work and we immediately knew this was a very deserving family of our Willow's Wish program. After serving for many years in the Army and completing several tours, Gus is now living retired life with his family in GA. His wife expressed that he could benefit from the help of a service animal due to some health issues from serving. What began as getting to know more about Gus and his service, quickly became looking for the perfectly tempered puppy who could help Gus and complete the Nelson family. 


Allie and Lizzie (Eliza from Wanda's Founding Families)

Allie is a 14 year 

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