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If you are interested in our Guardian Home Program, we have created a video that provides a glimpse into what all that entails. If you are a part of our Guardian Program, you are a part of our DoodletownUSA family. Please watch the video below and fill out the application if you are interested in being considered for a Guardian Home and we will contact you soon. We have also included testimonials from current guardian homes below if you'd like to hear from them!

Testimonials from Guardian Homes

We are proud to be a part of the DoodletownUSA guardian program.

We got our first puppy, Rosie from DoodletownUSA in 2021. In working with them to find the best puppy for our family, it was apparent how much Shelley and Sydney put into their family business. They care about each individual dog and truly work with you to ensure you are getting the best puppy to meet your family needs. While they raise your puppy for the first 8 weeks, they care for each puppy like it is going to be their own pet. 

We had inquired about the DoodletownUSA guardian program, but didn’t act on it until the day my husband called me into his office and said, “Did you see the puppy DoodletownUSA needs a guardian for?”  One look at the picture of the puppy, a call to Sydney to learn more about the program, we became guardian parents to Ranger.  We knew immediately Ranger was the addition we needed for our family.  We became guardian parents in 2022 and have enjoyed every minute.

Being a guardian parent with DoodletownUSA is perfect for our family.  Shelley and Sydney are so easy to work with and make themselves available to you. They want what is best for the dogs and keep up with the breeding education.  They share the information with us.

Being a part of the guardian program for DoodletownUSA is committing to being a part of their family.  A family that loves your dog(s) and as much as you do.  We are proud to be a part of a program that is breeding exceptional pets for everyday people.

-The Keenans


We had never heard of a guardian home before. Had no idea what it meant or what it entailed. When we unexpectedly learned about Doodletown’s guardian home program, we jumped in feet first. We were so excited to be able to provide a family for our sweet Hazel. We couldn’t wait to give her a life full of cuddles, treats, squirrel chasing, walks, beach trips, and her favorite…nonstop belly rubs.  We couldn’t believe we were gifted with this opportunity to provide her with a life full of all her favorite things. How did we get so lucky?! Watching her become a mommy and seeing the amount of love she has for her babies has been nothing short of a miracle. Knowing that she is passing on her gentle spirit and heart of pure gold to all her babies who then in turn become blessings to families everywhere, it is a feeling like no other. We just have to love her and let her love us. This program has brought our family so much peace and joy. We are so grateful to Doodletown for choosing us to help them spread love and happiness to families everywhere. They are always willing to help with questions, advice, or just to share in the memories we are making with our girl. They love her like we do and want nothing but the best for her. We are so lucky and forever grateful for our “Hazey Girl”, our “Hazel Basil”……our whole heart. 

-The Purcell's

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